Hi, I'm Casey! I am a Charleston based Wedding Officiant who creates personalized wedding ceremonies. The key to a fabulous wedding is having a ceremony that not only conveys your love story, but keeps your friends and family engaged and excited to watch you tie the knot. Let's talk about your vision for your big day!


Hi friends! I'm Casey!


I'm a wedding officiant serving Charleston, South Carolina. My goal is to perform wedding ceremonies that are engaging, relaxed and reflect the couple's personal vibe. I love to incorporate quotes from my favorite novels, poems and movies.

My favorite romcom of all time is 'P.S. I Love You', a true tear jerker. Did you know the movie was adapted from a best selling book? The book and its sequel are ripe with amazing quotes you can include in your ceremony.


I started 'Custom Vows by Casey' after spending years in a corporate job that never felt quite right. However, the job did lead me discover that I had a knack for public speaking. I feel a bit of a kinship with Jasper from 'Twilight', I can kind of feel the vibe of the people in the room, understand their emotions based on a glance or smile. I like to play off that and use my personal style to keep everyone engaged.


So, I attended a friend's wedding where she had her friend perform the ceremony. This guy was so engaging that it turned the ceremony from a 'necessary' part of the wedding day, into something the guests and the couple were excited to be a part of. That's when it just clicked in my brain, "you should starting officiating weddings for a living". So I packed my bags, moved to the wedding destination of America (the beautiful Charleston, SC) and opened up shop.

Now, I am here to offer couples a ceremony that is less stuffy, more modern and that ultimately, their family and friends enjoys.

Let's talk about your vision for your ceremony!



The goal of the customized wedding ceremony is to convey your love story to your friends and family, while keeping them engaged and entertained. We can incorporate how you met, how your relationship grew, sweet or funny stories about you as a couple, whatever you like. The Custom Ceremony will range from 15-25 minutes.

'No Fuss' I Do's

The 'No Fuss" Wedding Ceremony is for the couple that wants a short and sweet ceremony.

As your wedding officiant, I provide you with the ceremony script and options to personalize with different readings or prayers. You are welcome to write and recite your own vows, or choose from a selection of mine. 

The 'No Fuss' Wedding Ceremony is approximately 10-15 minutes. This ceremony is a good option for couple who are worried about the Charleston heat.

Charleston Elopement

You're eloping to Charleston? 

Congratulations!! What's next?

An elopement is all about you as a couple! As your wedding officiant, I will guide you through the elopement process in Charleston, and arrange a simple and elegant elopement ceremony at the location of your choice. There are many beautiful options in Charleston for an elopement, each unique. We can explore them together to pick the perfect location for your style.

Let's talk about your wedding ceremony!

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