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The Best Ceremony Venues in Charleston, as told by a Wedding Officiant - Part 1 - St. Luke's Chapel

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

Dear Charleston Future Brides,

Does this sound like you??

  • You are getting married in the beautiful Charleston, SC! Congrats!

  • You and your fiancé aren't super religious, and you want the ceremony to reflect your personalities.

  • You love the traditional look of a ceremony at a beautiful cathedral.

Do I have a GEM of a ceremony venue for you!!

St. Luke's Chapel, located on MUSC's campus, in downtown Charleston, SC.

St. Luke's Chapel, Charleston, SC, Wedding Ceremony

Photo Credit: Jay Dee Photography

Venue: St. Luke's Chapel, Charleston, SC

Quick Stats about this beautiful Charleston wedding ceremony venue:

  • Bring your own wedding officiant - St. Luke's Chapel is a nondenominational church that is open to the public for wedding ceremonies. The chapel allows couples to choose their own wedding officiant for their wedding ceremony. This flexibility allows couples to achieve the wedding ceremony of their dreams!

  • BIG BONUS - St. Luke's Chapel is INDOORS AND AIRCONDITIONED - A true rarity in Charleston! If you are a bride worried about a rainy Charleston day ruining your hair and make up, this Charleston wedding venue is an excellent option. If you are a groom worried about sweating through your suit on a steamy Charleston day, St. Luke's Chapel to the rescue!

  • Beautiful aesthetics - The gorgeous stained glass windows and ceiling beams create a stunning and unique space for your Charleston wedding ceremony.

  • Location - St. Luke's Chapel is located right in the heart of downtown Charleston, on the campus of MUSC.

  • Guest count - St. Luke's accommodates over 250 wedding guests.

Why do I as a wedding officiant love this Charleston wedding venue?

  • The size.. Take a look at all the space up at the front of the church! Even with a huge bridal party, there is enough room for everyone.

  • The acoustics... as a wedding officiant who marries people for a living, I like to know what the audio situation is before I arrive at a wedding ceremony venue. If you have a friend or family member acting as your wedding officiant, this might not be something they think about until right before the ceremony. No worries! St. Luke's Chapel is equipped with a sound system for your wedding ceremony. No DJ need for your wedding ceremony here.

  • The photo ops... as an accountant turned wedding officiant, it's hard for me to get a good shot for an Instagram story. But with a wedding ceremony venue like St. Luke's Chapel, the work is pretty much done for you! Note: The pictures in this blog were taken by the talented Jay Dee Photography, not my iPhone.

St. Luke's Chapel, Charleston, SC, Wedding Ceremony

Photo Credit: Jay Dee Photography

Venue: St. Luke's Chapel, Charleston, SC

P.S. The ring bearer for Tony and Lindsay's ceremony took a little snooze in the middle of the ceremony. I swear, this ceremony was not lengthy! I do love this shot of the ring bearer making himself comfortable, haha.

Photo Credit: Jay Dee Photography

Venue: St. Luke's Chapel, Charleston, SC

Looking for some other hidden gems for your Charleston wedding ceremony? During my tenure as a wedding officiant in Charleston, I've had the pleasure of visiting some beautiful spots! Let's chat about what is important to you for your wedding ceremony space!

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