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The Beginning of the Wedding Ceremony - Advice from a Charleston Wedding Officiant

Dear Charleston Brides and Grooms,

Let me tell you about one of my favorite parts of a wedding ceremony as a wedding officiant.

Ok, picture it with me...

The bride just made her grand entrance. The bride and groom are finally at the altar together. They join hands. The emotions are literally bouncing all over the place!

Happy, excited, grateful, maybe a little nervous... the list goes on.

As a wedding officiant, what I love most, is when the expression on the couples' face says...

"I can't believe we are finally at this very moment. We made it. This is the moment! After this moment, we are husband and wife!"

Charleston Wedding Officiant | Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Ceremony Venue: Lowndes Grove, Charleston, SC

Photographer: Kate Dye Photography

You've spent countless days, months (even years), planning and dreaming for this exact moment. Take it in!

My advice as a wedding officiant who has seen it all... take a nice long breath. Take another one.

Wipe away any lingering tears. You want to be able to see your partner clearly, haha.

Look around. At this moment, you are hand in hand with your almost spouse, surrounded by the people who love you the most.

As your wedding officiant, I like to take a nice long pause to make sure you can take it all in before we kick off the ceremony.

The wedding ceremony will go by in the blink of an eye. Take as many mental pictures as you can.


A Charleston Wedding Officiant

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