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Frequently Asked Questions - Questions I get as a Charleston Wedding Officiant - Part 1

Dear Charleston Brides and Grooms,

As a wedding officiant in Charleston, I receive a lot of questions about the pre-booking logistics. As the couple planning your wedding, you have a lot of different wedding vendors to consider and book for your big day! Let's talk about my process, everything that happens before you book with me.

Charleston Wedding Officiant, Magnolia Plantation Elopement

Elopement Photographer: Taylor Rae Photography

Elopement Ceremony Venue: Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, Charleston, SC

How far out do you book out? How far in advance should I book my wedding officiant?

It depends on the date, season, time, etc! On one end of the spectrum, for the busy Charleston wedding season, I book some dates a year, (or more), in advance. That said, my schedule is always changing and adjusting! Send me a request and hopefully we can make it happen!

For couples looking for an elopement to Charleston, as long as you have your marriage license, all I need is a day or two notice. I love a week day or morning elopement or vow renewal for couples vacationing in Charleston! I love recommending my favorite spots in Charleston for an intimate ceremony.

Bonus: If our schedules don't align and I can't be your wedding officiant, I love recommending other great wedding officiants in the Charleston area. I never end a conversation with a couple with "sorry, I am not available on your date". You'll get a short list of my favorite wedding officiants in Charleston!

What information is included in the request form?

The more information you can provide to me, the better!

If your details such as venue, date, time, etc. are already ironed out, include that information in the request form!

If you are flexible with details, or are looking for recommendations, let me know! I love chatting with couples and recommending locations that fit their personality best!

Bonus: Did you hear about me from another wedding vendor?? Let me know who! I love 'working' with my wedding vendor friends! And, I want to thank them for thinking of me!

What happens once we send you a request?

Thank you for submitting a request form! You can expect to receive an intro email from me within 24 hours.

[If you haven't heard from me in 24 hours, feel free to send me an email directly -]

If I am available for your wedding ceremony, the intro generally email includes a short overview of my ceremonies and a request to set up a quick intro call.

What do we talk about during the intro call?

Before you commit to a wedding officiant, I want to make sure we get to know each other, I give you some info about my ceremonies, and I learn what you are looking for in your wedding ceremony!

Prior to the call, I send you an outline of my wedding ceremonies (I'm a visual person).

Once we are on the phone (or zoom), I love to learn about you as the couple! Tell me how you met, about your engagement, why you love Charleston and are getting married here! I give you a short background about me.

Then, I give a high level overview of my different types of ceremonies. I then talk through each section of the ceremony, so you have an idea of the structure and what is included in the ceremony.

We chat through the marriage license process in Charleston.

And I tell you about my process (if you decide to book with me as your wedding officiant).

Then, fire away with any questions! Sometimes, couples have follow up questions after the call. Feel free to shoot me an email or give me a call to clarify anything!

Bonus: If your a couple local to Charleston, I would love to meet in person!

Charleston Wedding Officiant, Daniel's Island Elopement

Wedding Ceremony Photographer: Sarah Westmoreland Photography

Wedding Ceremony Location: Daniel's Island, Charleston, South Carolina

What other questions can I answer about this process?

Get in touch today!


A Charleston Wedding Officiant


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