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Ceremony Advice from a Charleston Wedding Officiant - VOWS

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

Let’s talk vows!! Here are my guidelines for my couples that recite their own vows…

Gibbes Museum of Art, Charleston, SC, Wedding Ceremony

Franzi Annika - Franzi Annika Photography

1️⃣ Do NOT recite your wedding vows from memory. ❌

✍️ Physically write down your vows, have them handy during the ceremony, and read from your notes, or reference them during the ceremony.

You took the time to write your own vows, you want to say everything you intended during the ceremony!

During my time as a wedding officiant, I have seen a total of two people recite their vows from memory. Both times, it was the groom (pause for shocked reaction). Luckily, these grooms killed it, but don't put this pressure on yourself.

2️⃣ Take your time!!

This is an emotional and personal part of the ceremony! It includes tears, smiles, laughter, jokes, promises and memories. As the wedding officiant, I physically take a step back during this part of the ceremony, and let you focus on your partner.

Take a moment (or two) to catch your breath, and enjoy the moment!!

Alhambra Hall, Charleston SC Wedding Ceremony

Shelby Stewart - Shelby Stewart Wedding Photography

3️⃣ Support your partner as they are reciting their vows!

The vows are always my favorite part of a ceremony. I've had the pleasure of hearing some beautiful, heartfelt vows during my time as a Charleston wedding officiant.

Words of encouragement from your fiancé have gotten you to this point, and it helps many couples get through reciting their emotional vows!!

4️⃣ Speak from the heart! 🤍 💜🤍

Some couples ask me to read their vows before the ceremony, and give them the once over based on my wedding officiant experience. I am happy to do this for you!

Planters Inn, Charleston, SC, Wedding Ceremony

Photo Credit: Kate Dye - Kate Dye Photography

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