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Logistics of the End of the Wedding Ceremony - Advice from a Charleston Wedding Officiant

Dear Charleston Brides and Grooms,

Let’s talk about the logistics of the end of the ceremony…

A lot of these things may seem like common sense, but during my time as a wedding officiant in Charleston, I have learned that sometimes if you don't give people clear instructions, there can be some issues...

The excitement level is at a 10! So, let's make sure we know how to make the most of the walk back down the aisle.

Lowndes Grove, Charleston, SC Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Photographer: Kate Dye, Kate Dye Photography

Wedding Ceremony Venue: Lowndes Grove, Charleston, SC

The wedding officiant announces, “You may kiss the bride!”

Your wedding officiant then, jumps out of the way for the big moment! (For my wedding ceremonies, I start walking as I say "You may kiss the bride!"... and duck behind the groomsmen.)

The bride and groom kiss (make it a long one for the pics!), the crowd cheers!!

Now, the happy couple makes their way back down the aisle…

  • Brides!! Remember to grab your bouquet from your maid of honor. Maid of Honor, if you forget to give the bride her bouquet back, and she starts walking down the aisle... DO NOT CHASE HER WITH THE BOUQUET. Yes, I have seen this before. The pictures will look much better of the bride and groom walking bouquetless down the aisle, compared to pictures with you running down the aisle after them.

  • Maid of Honor / Bridesmaids, after you hand off the bouquet, give the brides dress one more quick fluff as she turns to head down the aisle. This is to make sure her train doesn’t get caught on anything!

  • Grooms!! Grab your wife’s arm, and SLOWLY make your way back down the aisle.

When you reach the back of the aisle, stop and celebrate for a second! You’re married! Give a little cheer, kiss your bride, through in a dip!

It’s a great moment and photo to see your guests celebrating in the background!!

Your wedding officiant announces you one more time to the guests!

Now it’s party time!!


A Charleston Wedding Officiant

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