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Get to know my process as a Charleston Wedding Officiant

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

Dear Charleston Brides and Grooms,

Congrats on your upcoming wedding!

Time to kick off the wedding planning process! Who is going to officiate your wedding?

Let me share some info of how I operate as a Charleston Wedding Officiant...

Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, Charleston, SC, Wedding Ceremony

Photo Credit: Jay Dee Photography

Venue - Magnolia Plantation and Garden, Charleston, SC

Here is a little bit of how my wedding officiant process works...

First, fill out my Contact page which includes your contact info, ceremony date and location. Or, shoot me an email ( Prefer chatting through Instagram messages? Send me a DM (@custom_vows_by_casey).

Soon, you will receive an Intro Email from me. I will confirm my availability and provide you with some additional information regarding my ceremonies. Make sure to check you spam folder, sometimes emails from wedding vendors get stuck in that black hole.

Then, we set up an Intro Call to get to know each other. During this call, I like to learn about you as the couple and any details related to your ceremony day. This helps me construct a ceremony that is personal to you as a couple, and reflects your vibe. I tell you a little bit about me, and how I perform my ceremonies. I also chat through the structure of the ceremony. I am happy to answer any questions about the actual wedding ceremony, marriage license process, etc. If you are a Charleston local, I love to meet in person for coffee or a cocktail!

After our Intro Chat, I send you a ceremony contract which secures your ceremony date, time and location. Again, check that spam folder!

Freehouse Brewery, North Charleston, SC, Wedding Ceremony

Photo Credit - Candi Leonard Photography

Venue - Freehouse Brewery, North Charleston, SC

What happens after you book your wedding ceremony with me?

I kick off the Wedding Ceremony Planning process about 1-2 months before your ceremony. I send you the ceremony script we start with, along with reading and prayer options. As a wedding officiant, I have my favorites, but this is your ceremony, we can include anything you'd like! If you have a favorite song you love, or favorite movie you watch together, let's include an excerpt from that! I also provide vow examples. We then jump back on the phone, or meet in person, and chat through each section of the ceremony. We pick readings and adjust any language. We chat through details such as, who is walking you as the bride down the aisle? Does that person want to formally give you away?

As your wedding officiant, I also help you through the marriage license process... It is a relatively straightforward process in Charleston. Stay tuned for my next blog post about this.

After our meeting, I update the ceremony script, and send it over to you for final approval. I also provide the ceremony script to your wedding planner.

Then, the day of your wedding ceremony, I arrive about 30 minutes before your ceremony. I chat with your wedding planner, and your DJ to make sure we are all on the same page and coordinated for a smooth wedding ceremony.

Gibbes Museum of Art, Charleston, SC, Wedding Ceremony

Photo Credit - Franzi Annika - Franzi Annika Photography

Venue - Gibbes Museum of Art, Charleston, SC

Next up, the wedding ceremony! Thank you for trusting me to officiate your wedding and to be such an important part of your big day!

Sincerely, A Charleston Wedding Officiant

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